100% Irma claims settled, 98% in 72 hours

2018 Hurricane Season

NOAA’s forecasters predict 10 to 16 named storms, of which 5 to 9 could become hurricanes, including 1 to 4 major hurricanes (category 3, 4 or 5; with winds of 111 mph or higher). See 75-percent chance that the 2018 Atlantic hurricane season will be near- or above-normal for more.


Traditional homeowner policies are ill suited for catastrophic events like Hurricanes. They have large deductibles, many exclusions and a lengthy adjustment process.

Industrywide, over 30% of Irma claims have not been paid yet, whereas 100% Stormpeace claims have been paid. 98% were paid within 72 hours.

Stormpeace policy has no deductible, no exclusions for direct damages and no adjustment process.

StormPeace is an innovative parametric insurance that pays if specific parameters are met. In the case of hurricanes, the parameters are strength of the hurricane and distance of the insured property from the hurricane track. These parameters are easily available and verifiable, without the need for deductible, adjusters or a lengthy claims process.

Yes, we cover water damage and much more. StormPeace pays when the payment conditions of hurricane strength and distance are met, and covers all damages regardless of whether damage was caused by wind, rain, flood, storm surge, flying debris, or even mold.

Not really. Life insurance is parametric insurance.

StormPeace is:

  • Approved by Florida Office of Insurance Regulation
  • Backed by one of the most reputed reinsurer, with a "A+ (Superior)" A.M.Best rating
  • Underwritten by carrier with "A- (Excellent)" A.M.Best rating
  • Accredited by the Better Business Bureau

These ratings are assigned to companies that have a Superior/Excellent ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations.

Yes. All home types are covered, including mobile homes, manufactured homes, single family homes, and condominiums. All we need is your name, address and the coverage limit you require.

If you are a renter, StormPeace can help cover your contents, evacuation expenses, replace spoiled food, and restoring power.

Claims is simple and fast! Payment amounts are pre-agreed and fully transparent at the time of purchase, and is based on strength of hurricane and shortest distance between the hurricane track and your property.

You have no claims to file. Meet the payment conditions, get notified in 24 hours, and get paid within 72 hours.

As a matter of fact, it is a much better value than a traditional insurance, as the policy pays the first dollar of damage and excludes nothing. And since it doesn’t verify damages, it pays almost immediately.

No, you don’t need to have any other coverage. If you do have insurance on your home or rental property, the limit on your StormPeace policy must be less than or equal to the hurricane deductible on your existing homeowners policy.

No. All named hurricanes, whether they make landfall or not, are eligible. Other insurance products only cover you when a hurricane makes landfall and wouldn’t have paid claims after Hurricane Matthew since it didn’t make landfall in Florida, even though it caused about $1.2 billion in losses there. StormPeace would have paid for Matthew based on the strength and distance of the storm from your property.

Yes. Once you receive StormPeace claims payment, you have 45 days to upload proof of loss to our website. Examples of proof of loss include: a personal signed note from you (we will provide template), contractor estimates, or copies of receipts.

StormPeace algorithm needs the address of the property being insured to come up with a quote.

The algorithm takes into account the history of hurricanes at the GPS location of your property. Properties in Miami are historically more at risk from hurricanes than in the panhandle and this is reflected in the price.

Stormpeace pays only for the named hurricanes.

You can buy StormPeace coverage anytime but it takes 12 days to get the policy approved by the underwriter.

It should be less than or equal to the hurricane deductible on your homeowner policy.

You can use your claim money to pay for any out-of-pocket expenses incurred directly due to a hurricane, including repairs and replacements, immediate living expenses, evacuation expenses and more.

We do not require damage verification at the time of the claim. We rely on your attestation of damage. Florida law does require that you claim only if you have suffered damage.

The price depends on the GPS location of your property and the size of the coverage requested.

Yes, but the maximum aggregate payment cannot exceed the coverage amount.

Currently, we offer coverage in Florida only.

Financial Strength

Top Underwriter


Rated A- (Excellent)

Top 5 Global Reinsurer


Rated A+ (Superior)

How it works

StormPeace is APPROVED by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.

Predetermined Claims Payment

Your payment is based on (i) the distance from the hurricane eye to your property, and (ii) category of the hurricane when it is closest to your property. The stronger the hurricane and closer to your property, the higher your payment, up to 100% of limit.

Get started now and see your payment schedule.

Automatic Settlement

No Adjusters!

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    When hurricane strikes, we notify you.

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    You respond to claim your loss amount.

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    We pay you within 72 hours.

Proof of loss required within 45 days.


Use your payments to:

  • Repair or replace swimming pool cages, boat docks, piers, seawalls
  • Remove fallen trees and debris
  • Restore landscaping
  • Fix property damage not covered under your homeowners insurance
  • Meet your hurricane deductible
  • Pay additional living expenses
  • Pay evacuation expenses
  • Replace a mobile or manufactured home
  • And more

Home types/structures covered:

  • Single family homes
  • Condominiums and Apartments
  • Mobile homes, Manufactured homes
  • Boat docks, car ports, entry structures, backyard patios, gazebos, fences and more

Causes of loss covered:

  • Wind
  • Water damage from rain, flood or storm surge
  • Flying debris
  • Mold

StormPeace is parametric insurance that pays fast based on intensity of a hurricane and its distance from your property, based on data published by the National Hurricane Center (NHC/NOAA).

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